Landlord Services

Our Landlord Service provides time-stamped, 3rd party photos of your rental properties on move-out and/or move-in days. Tenants receive an email to let them know approximately when we will be taking photos which allows them the option of being present during the session. Generally, within 24 hours, the photos are uploaded to Amazon Web Services where they can be downloaded by both the tenant and landlord.

Care is taken to ensure the photos cover all accessible living areas and the exterior of homes. The photos are bright and high-resolution (30.4 megapixels) to show clear details in the floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, appliances etc. They are not intended to be used for marketing although the photos are not limited in their use by the property owners and some may be useful for that purpose.

A typical 3-4 bedroom home in East Lansing results in approximately 100 interior and 25 exterior photos at a cost of $150. Approximately 75 photos are provided for a typical 2 bedroom apartment and in East Lansing the charge is $100. Travel times outside of East Lansing may affect these prices. Volume discounts for multiple apartments in a single complex are available and generally significant.